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Stainless steel container - 8 cm / 3.14"

USD $16.00
This line of versatile, round, airtight and watertight, high quality food storage containers is one of our absolute favorite product offerings - we use them just about every single day for lunches, leftovers, snacks and eating on the go. This practical...

Bamboo Dish Brush with Replaceable Head - Small

USD $12.00
Say goodbye to yucky yellow sponges and plastic scrubbing pads and say hello to this nifty plastic-free dish brush with a replaceable head! This dish brush is made with a bamboo handle and plant-based sisal bristles from a perennial succulent. This...

Hemp Nursing Pads

USD $12.50
Made of three layers of absorbent hemp fleece, Öko Creations nursing pads are very soft to the touch yet still durable. They offer unparalleled comfort and protection in the category of nursing pads without waterproof barriers. Format:...
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