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Tin Travel Kit Without Plastic - 8 Pack

USD $30.00
USD $22.00
This tin travel set comes with 8 containers in varying sizes all meeting the 100 ml capacity requirement to be plane safe. We would recommend to use these containers to store dry items to ensure that he containers do not rust. All together the...

Bulk Shopping Kit

USD $45.00
Looking for a kickstart to your plastic-free shopping journey? Allow our Bulk Shopping Kit to lead the way! Designed with functionality, style and resourcefulness in mind. When purchasing this kit, you receive 18% off the products separately! Think...

Farmer's Market Kit

USD $33.00
What's more satisfying than a farmer's market Sunday?! Buying local and fresh produce is one of the first steps to becoming a conscious consumer.  Bring your own plastic-free bags and containers and truly live the circular zero waste lifestyle...