Why We Love the 'Add to Wishlist' Feature


What is the Wishlist?

The Wishlist is a place that you can refer back to to view all your favourite and dream Life Without Plastic products. 


Why should I use the Wishlist?

The Wishlist has a number of handy features. Here are our favourite Wishlist features:

  • Save products you love, but aren’t ready to buy, for safekeeping. Refer back to the list and find them with ease.

  • Categorize products you love into different wishlists! A kitchen Wishlist, a bath and body Wishlist, a travel Wishlist… the list goes on!

  • Share your Wishlist with friends, family, whoever you like! Make gift-giving and receiving an easy, no stress process. Your friends know what you are wishing for, and you can find utility with every gift you receive!

  • Modify and customize your wishlists as you please - add and remove items, changing it as you wish.


How do I use the Wishlist?

With a Life Without Plastic account, adding products to the Wishlist is as easy as can be. When viewing a product you love, click the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button, placed beside the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Your product will be added to the Wishlist, simple as that!

The products in a Wishlist will remain there, so long as we continue to offer them on our website. Have a change in heart? Remove the product from your Wishlist, no harm, no foul.


Can I use the Wishlist like a gift registry?

Yes, yes, and yes! You have the option to share each and every single one of your categorized Wishlists with family, friends, and whoever else you like. 

To use the Wishlist as a gift registry, create a Wishlist for the event that you are receiving gifts for. Add products that you wish to receive as gifts to the list, one by one. Ensure you have made your Wishlist visible to others, by checking the ‘Make Wishlist Public’ box. Then, click the ‘Share’ button. You will be supplied with a Wishlist URL that you can send to all your gift-givers. Take the stress and need for returns out of gift giving, making sure you only receive products you actually want or need. 


Where can I find the Wishlist?

Just like all other wishes, your Wishlist can be viewed at the heart. Click on the heart-shaped logo on the upper-right hand corner of our website, and view your wishlists (or click here). Remember - you need to be logged in to your LWP account to create and customize one!


There you have it! Shop, save, remember… the Wishlist allows you to do it all. Enjoy this handy feature, and have fun browsing! 


Photo by Nita from Pexels