We derive great strength and inspiration from the many communities that punctuate our lives and our business...our precious families, the wonderful community of loyal clients whom we deeply respect and from whom we constantly learn, the global community of anti-plastic activists, our fun and hard-working team of Life Without Plastic staff, and of course our beloved dynamic home community of Wakefield, Quebec, Canada.

Community is one of our core Guiding Principles. We all share this Earth and this present moment – we are all interconnected. We are ONE. Each person's actions - regardless how small the action may appear - affect the Whole. Why not live in a spirit of compassion, sharing and love? We cherish our local, regional and global communities, and are committed to nourishing them and giving back to them as we build meaningful, lasting, plastic-free relationships.

Some of the key folks we actively support in our broader plastic-free activist community include:

Beth Terry of the My Plastic-Free Life Blog

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Algalita Marine Research and Education

The 5Gyres Institute

Ottawa Riverkeeper

Environmental Defence

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Surfrider Foundation

Breast Cancer Fund




As a way to further strengthen our relationship to our community, we supply talks and audits to businesses and schools in our surrounding areas.


Life Without Plastic was the first company of its kind to address the issue of plastic as a threat to our health and our environment while offering safe and ethically-sourced alternatives. Since our very beginnings in 2005 when we first started building the foundations of this company until the past few years when we launched our book on living without plastics and started expanding world-wide, we have been thought leaders on the issue. Companies, universities, schools, daycares, community groups, government departments are asking us to come talk to their employees, students, children on how to live with less plastics. Our presentation includes lots of easy tips, advice and useful information while not discouraging the listener with the scale of the issue. Contact us at info@lifewithoutplastic.com and we'll be happy to discuss with you the best way to approach the issue with your group.





Whether you would like to find solutions to clean your local beach of plastics or you have a commercial entity that needs a serious de-plastification, we're here to help. We would be happy to assess the situation, propose solutions, train your employees or community members and design a plan for the future. We've helped resorts, schools, communities, stores to evaluate their use of plastic and improve their footprints. Contact us at info@lifewithoutplastic.com.