Like most people, we are not fans of shipping charges, which is why we offer flat rate shipping to North American destinations (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). The flat rates are clearly laid out in the tables below for Canada and the United States. Other shipping options may be available and will be indicated at checkout.


We do our best to ship as fast as we can - generally within 24-96 hours (possibly longer for Canadian orders - see below) - but when we are experiencing high volume or a product is backordered, shipping might take longer. We also do our best to keep you in the loop and let you know by e-mail or phone about any delays that may occur.


US Shipping and Handling

U.S. orders normally ship daily by either Fedex Ground, UPS, or USPS. Please note that all toothbrush orders are shipped from Canada to the U.S. ship by United States Postal Service Small Packet Air Service.

Please note that shipments going to U.S. Postal Boxes (PO), Army Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO), Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) addresses must be and will be sent using USPS.

Estimated US Delivery Time:  1 day to 2 weeks from when the order was placed, depending on the destination and when the order was placed.


Value of Order (before shipping charge)

Shipping and Handling Charge
USD $84.99 and under USD $9.95
USD $85.00 and over Free Shipping

 If you qualify for free shipping, simply click 'Continue' at checkout to apply the promotion.The flat rate of $9.95 USD may be applied to your order if the webpage is idle for too long. This can be fixed by removing the items in your cart and refreshing the page.


Canadian Shipping and Handling

Canadian orders currently normally ship in a weekly batch, generally every Friday, by Canada Post Expedited service and generally take 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the destination and when the order was placed. Orders must be submitted by Thursday at 5 pm to be included in the batch for that week. During periods of high volume, Canadian order batches may ship more frequently.

Value of Order (before shipping charge)

Shipping and Handling Charge
CAD $109.99 and under CAD $12.95
CAD $110.00 and over Free Shipping

Estimated Canadian Delivery Time:  2 days to 2 weeks from when the order was placed, depending on the destination and when the order was placed.

The flat rate shipping charges do not apply to remote Canadian locations, which are generally locations where mail must be airlifted more than 6 months of the year. Canada Post refers to these destinations as "Air Stage Locations" and you may click here for a full list of postal codes in this category. For such locations we will contact you with the actual shipping and handling charges, which will depend on the weight of the order and precise destination.


Shipping Internationally


We welcome orders from all over the world and can ship anywhere.

For international orders - outside Canada and the United States -  we must charge actual shipping and handling rates. If your order is shipping to an international destination, please contact us and we will be happy to manually process your order.


We have researched many methods of international shipping and the best we have found is United States Priority Mail International in terms of price, speed, and reliability (packages going to major centres receive a tracking number). Where possible, we require a shipping service that includes tracking. If the order is a very small package or going to a remote destination, tracking may not be available.


The shipping time is usually 7-20 days for most countries in the world. And the price is usually around 3-4 times our normal shipping rates, depending on the weight of the order and the destination of course.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about international orders.


Customs, Duties and Import Taxes


Please note that all orders shipped to Canada or the USA are not subject to customs duties, brokerage fees or other cross border-related charges.


Life Without Plastic is not responsible for any customs, duty, import or domestic charges (e.g., VAT) on international shipments. Charges (if any) are determined by customs officials once the shipment has arrived in the country to which it is being shipped. This process may delay delivery of your order, and is beyond our control. If you have questions or concerns about such charges, please contact the customs agency of your country to inquire on regulations and costs. Please note that we must indicate the actual sale value of the merchandise on the customs form and cannot mark parcels as "gift" or "sample" to save on import duties (unless of course is actually is a gift or sample from us).


International Processing/POS Fees


Please note that if you are paying with a debit or credit card from some U.S. banks you may incur what appears on your card statement as an "international processing fee or "international POS fee". This is a discretionary fee (generally from 1-3% of the value of the transaction) charged by your bank for the use of your card on our site. It seems to happen with just a few U.S. banks, not the majority, and even though the transaction is done completely in U.S. dollars and our account is a U.S. dollar account it seems to be because our head office is located in Canada and the card is from a U.S. bank. Please let us know if this happens and we will refund it to you if you provide us with proof of the fee (screen shot or scan of your bank statement showing the fee).


Non-Plastic & Recycled Packaging


All materials used to pack your order are made of non-plastic packing materials - paper, cellulose, cornstarch. There may be some plastic in the packaging of a particular product, and this is because it was packaged that way by the manufacturer. We work closely with our manufacturers to decrease and eliminate all plastic packaging. This is an ongoing task.


In keeping with our mission to help clean up the planet and minimize waste however possible, we reuse boxes and packing materials that come into our warehouse. Some of these materials may have residual plastic on them, or we may reuse plastic packing materials we receive. We encourage you to reuse packing materials as well.


New boxes and mailing envelopes we use are made of recycled material. Our packing materials are primarily paper-based, including the tape (we sometimes use cellulose tape where a clear tape is required). We also sometimes use cornstarch peanuts which are reusable and compostable, but not recyclable. While we strive to use packing materials that are 100% recycled, this is not always possible, in which case we use the highest recycled content available at the time of shipment.


We encourage you to give the packing materials another life by reusing them for your own packing needs, or as a last resort, recycling them.


Orders that are Returned to Sender 

If your order is returned to us because the address you gave us through Paypal or otherwise is wrong, we will contact you in order to get your new address. We will then require that you pay the full cost of shipping the products to you at the correct address. In trying to keep our prices low for your benefit, we cannot afford to pay shipping fees twice. The prices you pay for shipping are generally already significantly lower than our actual shipping and handling costs.


Please ensure you keep PayPal updated at all times with your current address information. Thank you for understanding.


Health and Safety


As of Monday, March 16, 2020, our warehouse and product handling team has been wearing safety gloves. Not only are these gloves changed regularly, but the team is also thoroughly washing their hands before and after wearing them.