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Dilutable Laundry Bar - Up to 125 Loads

USD $10.95
Why ship water? Most laundry detergents are liquid so they require a disposable plastic jug and are larger and heavier to ship meaning a higher carbon footprint.  We are rethinking all of this and heading towards concentrated solids to avoid...

Lathering Solid Shampoo Bar - Citrus

USD $11.95
We are so excited to introduce a shampoo bar that REALLY works! After testing dozens of shampoo bars, our LWP team found this gem that thoroughly cleans without leaving any film or coating on the hair. But best of all, it creates a rich lather just like...

Solid Conditioner Bar - Unscented

USD $11.95
To accompany our trusty solid shampoo bars, here is an all new unscented and plastic-free conditioner bar. This bar keeps your hair silky soft without leaving any film or coating on the hair and is a fantastic alternative to conventional conditioners...

Cotton and Linen Face Mask

USD $10.00
Single use face masks are often composed of synthetic plastic-based materials and are used once and thrown away. We wanted to find a safe, reusable solution and are now offering this reusable linen cotton blend mask that can be washed and used over and...

Au Naturel Plastic-Free Lip Balm - Coconut

USD $6.95
We've tested our fair share of lip balms, and this one really stands apart from the rest. Au Naturel lip balms are handmade with only four simple and 100% natural ingredients. They moisturize really well and leave your lips feeling luxuriously pampered...

DIY Kit - Borax, Baking Soda, Washing Soda, Soap Flakes

USD $24.00
USD $21.00
When it comes to cleaning products we love a little DIY. Making things at home allows us to make exactly the quantity we need and use safer and plastic-free ingredients. These DIY ingredients are also dry and condensed so there's no need to ship water!...

Hanging Toiletry bag - Hemp and Cotton

USD $40.00
USD $24.95
We are so excited to introduce to you our new line of Hemp products! Reusable bags are a staple in the plastic-free lifestyle. This one is not just any reusable bag - it it made out of hemp! Hemp is an incredibly sustainable material, as a...