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Lathering Solid Shampoo Bar - Citrus

USD $11.95
We are so excited to introduce a shampoo bar that REALLY works! After testing dozens of shampoo bars, our LWP team found this gem that thoroughly cleans without leaving any film or coating on the hair. But best of all, it creates a rich lather just like...

DIY - Pure Soap Flakes - 1 Cup

USD $6.00
Doing a little DIY can go a long way in reducing plastic pollution. And this product is also part of our quest to prevent the shipping of water and plastic. These pure soap flakes are exceptionally versatile and can be mixed with water and other...

Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish

USD $15.00
Looking for the perfect companion for your soap or our Round Shampoo or Conditioner bars? We are so excited to launch these Handmade Ceramic Soap Dishes, made in Canada! They come in a light Creme colour to match any bathroom theme! They have wells to...