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Plastic-free Cotton Gloves - Pack of 6 Pairs - Small

USD $10.00
Wearing safety gloves for protection from antigens and toxic substances is a safety precaution often taken. Unfortunately, such gloves are generally made from synthetic materials and plastics, and are disposed of after only one use. This creates quite...

Aluminum Soap Box

USD $11.95
Continue your plastic-free routine, even when travelling or on-the-go! This little aluminum soap box is ideal for bringing a bar of soap with you, wherever you go.  The box snaps open and closed. It is very lightweight, and although not completely...
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Wooden Pocket Comb

USD $19.95
Here's another plastic-free product that looks fantastic as it helps its owner look fantastic. But as distinctive as this fine Wooden Comb is, it presents a conundrum: you'll never want to part with it, yet you'll always want to part with it. Ok, enough...
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