The Plastic-Free Zero Waste Clean Lunch Bag

Last year, we launched a Kickstarter on a mission to create a truly clean, safe, and plastic-free lunch bag. It sounds like common sense, but, there was no product like it on the market. As individuals who strive to reduce the amount of plastic and waste we produce, we noticed the lunch bag world was seriously not pulling its weight.

Plastic lunch bags tend to have a short life and once they start tearing and cracking they expose the insulating plastic foam, which can then start absorbing food leaking into the bag. Sincenthey can't be washed properly, they’re often only wiped clean, meaning tons of bacteria can start colonizing in all those nooks and crannies. Yes, gross. And because they can’t be repaired effectively, they have to be thrown in the garbage because there is nothing in these bags that can be efficiently to a landfill they go. Not to mention, that they contribute enormously to plastic pollution.

With the help of our generous backers, we came up of an awesome solution and brought to life the ultimate clean lunch bag!

- Repairable bag made of GOTS certified organic cotton canvas.

- Removable insulating panels made of recycled wool leftovers from an organic mattress company.

- Machine washable bag (not wool panels) for a clean and hygienic lunch bag.

- Adjustable strap to carry over the shoulder or by hand.

- And of course, always plastic-free


Lunch bags now available!

Black Square Lunch Bag

Black Rectangle Lunch Bag

Green Square Lunch Bag

Green Rectangle Lunch Bag

Blue Square Lunch Bag

Blue Rectangle Lunch Bag