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Aluminum Soap Box

USD $11.95
This little aluminum soap box is ideal for bringing a bar of soap with you wherever you go. Snaps open and closed. Not completely watertight, but very lightweight. Dimensions: Length x Width x Height: 9.4 x 6.3 x 2.8 cm / 3.7" x 2.5" x 1...
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Mini Bamboo Spork

USD $3.50
This versatile mini bamboo reusable spork fits in your pocket, purse or in your child's lunch bag. One side features a spoon while the other side offers a fork to eat. Great for traveling or to bring to your favourite take-out restaurant. Every time you...
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Copper Scrubber for Cleaning Pots and Pans - Pack of 2

USD $12.95
Non-plastic durable scrubbers are very hard to find. You may still be able to find some steel wool ones but they rust easily and are not extremely durable - and can be very abrasive, damaging cookware. We found this one that is 100% copper. It is durable...

Lavender Dryer Bag

USD $7.95
Ahhhh, the scent of lavender. It clears the mind and warms the soul. This lavender-filled dryer bag is a natural alternative to those chemically aromatic dryer sheets for eliminating static cling. You can also use it as a sachet - throw it in a clothes...

Plastic-Free Dish Washing Brush - Soft Bristles

USD $9.95
This entirely natural dish washing brush, is made of soft, dark, sanitized horsehair bristles mounted on an untreated sustainably harvested beechwood handle. The brush head is replaceable and can be thrown into the compost at the end of its life...

Plastic Free Baby Bottle Brush

USD $10.95
Baby bottles are hard to clean if you do not have the right brush - and this struggle is amplified exponentially in the middle of an endless night of little sleep. Yet, it is extremely important to clean them well. Milk tends to stick to the walls of...

Plastic-Free Dust Pan for Children

USD $11.95
Make your child's gift a useful and lasting one. Your child can help you out with this dust pan and thus acquire life-long cleaning habits. This child's dust pan is made of powder-coated metal. It is durable, completely non-plastic, and can be passed on...

PPC Canvas Tote Bag

USD $20.00
Your purchase of this durable canvas tote bag supports the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition to reduce plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. Made of heavy 10 oz brushed cotton canvas, this gusset tote bag with a red accent bottom will last for...
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Plastic-Free Car Snow Removal Brush

USD $24.95
Plastic car snow brushes often last only one season as they break easily because the plastic is brittle and less resistant when cooled below the freezing point. Here is a durable, stylish, natural and compostable snow brush that will last a very long...