Vacuum Insulated Thermal Plastic-free Stainless Steel Thermos - 11oz / 350 ml

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Most insulated thermos bottles have plastic built into the body or worse, inside of the lid - not this one! Plastics can leach hormone disrupting and other chemicals into food. How happy we are to launch this flask with body and lid made entirely of high-quality rust-proof stainless steel. This thermal container is a delight for carrying soups, chili, hot cocoa, miso, hot rum toddies and so much more! Note that there is a high quality, thin silicone seal in the lid to keep it leak-proof and backpack safe.

Why you will like it:

  • It is completely plastic-free, even the lid interior;
  • It is made of high quality 18-8 food grade stainless steel;
  • It is made to last forever;
  • It is compact and may contain up to 11 oz (350 ml) of hot food;
  • It features a handle to carry with ease;
  • It is designed to prevent plastic chemicals from leaching into your food;
  • It is just plain beautiful to look at!
  • It is double walled and vacuum insulated.
  • It keeps the temperature! According to our tests with boiled tea, it stayed hot for 3 hours and after 6 hours was still warm!

Read the blog post we wrote about our 15-year quest to come up with this awesome product here.

*If your flask says "SUS 316" in the lid, this means that you received one of the random few lids that are made with 316 stainless steel instead of 304. Please rest assured that this is just as high quality and rustproof as the usual 304 lids. 

Additional information:

Materials: 18-8(304) stainless steel with a food grade silicone seal. 


   Height with lid: 13 cm / 5.11"

   Diameter: 9.5 cm / 3.74"

Country of origin: Ethically made in China.

Care: Hand wash and avoid submerging so water does not enter where the handle meets the lid. 

Health & Environment: Plastic-free, BPA-free, and recyclable. 

Packaging: Recyclable box. 


Reviews (5)

Katherine 2022 Nov 24th

Thermos review

We really wanted to love this thermos. It is beautiful and we liked that it is plastic free. Unfortunetaly, it does not keep food very warm at all. The brand that the site carried before is a lot more efficient at keeping food warm. Our daughter always complains that her food is too cold to eat at lunch time and doesn't eat it. I wouldn't recommend it. LWP response: Hi Katherine, Thanks for your feedback - much appreciated! Sorry to hear about your and your daughter's experience with the thermos. We are a little surprised by this as it has not been our experience in our tests. One thing you can do is to warm the thermos with warm water before adding the food. This can make a big difference in the heat retention.

Maggie 2022 Nov 21st



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Additional Info

0.40 KGS

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