We Finally Found the Perfect Plastic-Free Deodorant!

Finding an effective deodorant is tricky... and finding an effective plastic-free deodorant is even trickier. But, it's that time of year when deodorant is definitely necessary... the flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and well... body odour gets a little stronger. It's nothing to be ashamed about - we all sweat! The question is... how do we mask the odour effectively, while caring for our body, and being as sustainable as possible?

We knew we wanted to sell a quality and effective deodorant because it is so hard to find a deodorant that is both plastic-free and natural. There exist so many natural deodorants, and even if they work great, their plastic packaging worries us. Why? Plastic packaging containing the deodorant leach plastic-derived chemicals over time -- such as phthalates, other hormone disruptors, and/or a multitude of undisclosed synthetic additives. Your armpit is an area of extensive dermal absorption -- basically it is an area of the body where absorption through the skin occurs readily. Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on your skin eventually goes in your body. Read more information on the toxicity of plastic in our book.

Lucky for you, we found the winner. On a recent trip to Amsterdam, we found what seems to be one of the best sustainable deodorants out there. Made in the Netherlands, it is 100% natural, certified organic, hydrating, effective, and is completely plastic-free. And because it comes from so far away, you may not be able to get it locally so this is your chance! 
This product is our second LWPop! (Life Without Plastic Pop-Up Product) and we will only be keeping one of these three options going forward. Let us know which one you like best!

It's crazy to think that plastic is still ubiquitous in our health and personal care products, despite overwhelming evidence that plastic leaching into our products poses significant health concerns. We can't change the whole beauty and personal care industry (yet), but by offering you plastic-free and natural products that work, we hope we can be a catalyst for change.

Shop the deodorant here.