Introducing our Pocket-Sized Reusable Telescopic Straw Kit!

Reducing your plastic footprint is a step-by-step process ... ironically! Many people making a small change can create major positive impacts around the world. We say "start small and build up!"  Straws may seem like a little amount of plastic but they make up a lot of waste because a large majority of plastic straws are not recyclable. In America alone, about 500 million straws are used EVERY day! It is estimated that nearly 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches. The good news is that there are SO many plastic-free alternatives from stainless steel, glass, bamboo, etc.  

We wanted to make taking your reusable straw on-the-go super easy so we developed an exciting new telescopic stainless steel straw kit that retracts and fits into a pocket-sized pouch! Say goodbye to the guilt of forgetting your re-usable straw at home, and keep this one with you. 

This straw is made to shrink down in length when not in use, so it can fit into your pocket or purse with ease! At it's shortest, the straw is 10 cm (4") long, but it can extend all the way out to 23 cm (9")! It also comes with a retractable cleaning brush with a wool tip and a cotton carrying pouch! All completely plastic-free!  Use the straw for any beverage, no matter the size - when not in use, tuck it away into your pocket, and have it on-the-go at all times!  

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