Halloween Without Plastic Wrappers - We've Got a Solution!

We love the generous intention of Halloween, where every year, without planning or discussing it, people go out and buy treats to share them with their neighbors. Unfortunately like many other holidays, this one has been taken over by a tidal wave of unnecessary and disposable plastics. So many cheap plastic decorations line the walls of stores alongside the flimsy synthetic costumes and overwhelming amount of candy in single-use plastic wrappers. Being the solutions-oriented team that we are, we said "challenge accepted" and worked to find a plastic-free alternative to show that we can still have fun and be a part of celebrations and can do it without plastic waste! For a limited time only we are offering a 40 pack of mini natural gums in recyclable boxes made from 100% recycled paper! The gum is made from all natural ingredients and comes in a variety of flavors! Read more about this neat alternative in our newsletter here