Dip into the summer with these itty bitty dip containers!

Hummus, tatziki, guacamole...I'll take all the dips please! After many months inside, we're looking forward to a summer filled with hikes, picnics, camping, and lots of lunch breaks on the picnic tables or in the grass outside. Whether you're packing a salad, vegetables, nachos, or really anything, there's always a good dip to go with it! 

What better way to carry your dips and sauces than with these mini containers!  They are made of stainless steel that won't rust or leach any endocrine disrupting chemicals like those found in plastic containers. These safe containers and also dishwasher safe and although they are not exactly airtight, they have a tight push-to-fit lid that stays closed really well. 

Check out our new pack of two stainless steel dip containers here!