A zero-waste bottle / travel mug that stands out above the rest!

Cold weather and hot drinks go hand in hand, unfortunately, often paired with this dynamic duo is the not-so-awesome, disposable cup. Each sale of a tasty hot drink is so often accompanied by a plastic-lined, landfill-destined, disposable cup. We see them loose on the streets and overflowing in garbage bins and know they are harmful to our planet but did you know the chemicals used to line these cups can also be harmful to us! We feel the struggle and wanted to offer a reusable solution that stands apart from other options on the market that have fully plastic lids. 

We are launching a new line of bottles by Klean Kanteen with fully stainless steel interiors (even the bottom of the lid) meaning minimal to no exposure to plastic and no plastic waste! These wide mouth Klean Kanteen insulated bottles are plastic-free and also super versatile with an interchangeable cap so you can turn your water bottle into a travel mug with an easy switch of a cap!  Read more about this neat alternative and other options in our newsletter here!

Pro tip! If you are staying at the coffee shop for the drink, ask for it "for here in a ceramic mug". Most coffee shops have a default of using a disposable cup because it is faster to serve and saves time in dishes but many coffee shops do have a few real mugs on hand and will give them out if you ask!