A Plastic-Free Insulated Lunch Bag You Can Wash, Repair and Hug

Over a year ago, we launched our Clean Lunch Bag on Kickstarter. We designed, tweaked and perfected the perfect lunch bag - zero waste, plastic free, organic, cradle to cradle product, machine washable, and insulated with locally-sourced repurposed high quality wool. 

We reached our goal within 24 hours and ended with over 300 backers total. And finally, the bag came to life. Now, the Kickstarter Clean Lunch Bag is here!

We've shipped the bags off to our backers, who have received it, loved it, and sent us so many compliments that we are giddy to share the bag with the rest of the world!

Yup, that's right, the Life Without Plastic Clean Lunch Bag is now officially available on our site. Check it out in all its colors an size combinations here.

We are SO proud of these bags. So much time, work, and patience has gone into perfecting these bags -- and sharing them with you now has us smiling ear to ear.