A Great Way to Start your Plastic-Free Journey Bit by Bit

Do you want to go plastic-free but feel overwhelmed and don't know where or how to start? We want to help by making it fun and exciting. 

Receive our subscription box every season and discover ethically-sourced, high quality, useful products, along with tips and tools to help you reduce your plastic footprint bit by bit. Every box includes 6 to 8 products, half of which are disclosed ahead of time. The other half are things you may have never seen before -- mystery plastic-free products to keep the excitement alive! 

Everything is carefully curated for quality and usefulness. No impractical knick knacks here. There's also an information card to give you the story of each item in your box. So treat yourself or a loved one to the first impactful steps on the path toward plastic-free living. 

Part of the proceeds of each box will go to an organization fighting plastic pollution. 

Closing date for the Winter box is December 31st 2019. All boxes ship mid-January 2020.

Sign up here: www.lifewithoutplasticbox.com