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Stainless Steel Mason Jar Lids - Wide - Pack of Three

USD $15.00
When we do talks, we urge folks to embrace the mason jar! They are so versatile and can be used for all kinds of things. But did you know that many mason jars come with lids that rust and that have a plastic lining on the interior? These wide mouth...

Small Glass Storage Jar with a Bamboo Lid

USD $10.00
Introducing a clean, stylish and zero waste way to store your spices or small leftovers! Great for making and storing salad dressing too. This zero waste container is made of high quality glass, as well as a natural bamboo top with a food safe silicone...

Stainless Steel Compact Lunch Kit

USD $75.00
USD $50.00
These items have been reduced because they come without packaging. The packaging was damaged during transportation, but the products are in perfect condition. Although the packaging was a cardboard box, reducing the amount of packaging we use is always a...