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If it Does not Say where it is Made, it is Probably Made in China

28 January 2010 — I don’t know about you, but I like to have as much information as possible about a product before I buy it so I can make an informed decision. One information that I find difficult to find on many shopping websites is the country of origin. This is an important information but on many websites, you can assume that if the place of origin of a product is not indicated, then it probably comes from China.

I generally prefer not to buy from China unless the product is absolutely unique, high quality and not available from a different country. My main reason for avoiding Chinese products is my deep empathy for what Tibetan people and other minorities are enduring in this country. Chinese dissidents who dare to criticize the government are arrested and jailed. I also have strong reservations about this country’s environmental policies. I must admit also that the 2007 melamine scandal still pops to my mind when I think of products made in China.