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November 2016

Microplastics Testing on the Gatineau River: Citizen Science in Action

You’re going to be hearing more and more about microplastics all over the world in the coming months and years. That’s because they are literally all over this Earth. And they are a problem that ranks right up there with climate change. Yup, our beloved Earth is overheating and simultaneously becoming layered in plastic. Warm plastic

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Stainless Steel Dish Set with Double Wall bowl and tumbler

Stainless Steel Dishes: The Best Plastic-Free Option for Children

0 comments | Posted By Chantal Plamondon On November 5, 2016 Category: Alternatives to Plastic, Get Informed, Plastic Affecting Health

How we got our first stainless steel dishes is an interesting story. When we started Life Without Plastic in 2006, our son was only 3 years old.  I had heard about the dangers of plastics from a magazine called Mothering created by the wonderful Peggy O’Mara who was my hero at the time and still

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