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April 2016

Earth Day Plastic-Free Challenge

3 comments | Posted By Life Without Plastic On April 19, 2016 Category: Change Plastic-Dependent Habits, Replace Harmful Products

UPDATE (3 May 2016): ¬†Scroll down to see our winner, and the other inspiring entries!* How about a challenge this Earth Day? We’re great believers in taking small steps toward big goals. Of course big steps toward big goals are great too, but small steps are more realistically attainable quickly, and definitely less daunting. That’s

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“No plastic straw, please.”

“No plastic straw, please.” These are easy words to remember and use the next time you’re at a restaurant or bar and order a drink. Why? Do you really need, or even use, the straw? Or do you just sort of stir the ice cubes around in your glass with it once in a while?

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