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March 2016

World Water Day w/o Plastic Water Bottles

Today is World Water Day. It’s a United Nations-organized, internationally-observed day to appreciate water and learn more about water issues. Single-use disposable plastic water bottles are not welcome on this day — actually on any day in our opinion, but even moreso today. We all need water We are mostly water. It accounts for 50%

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International Womens Day - Life Without Plastic

If Women Had Equal Control*

0 comments | Posted By Life Without Plastic On March 8, 2016 Category: Get Informed, News, Share the Message, Support Organizations Creating Change, Take Action

*Update (30 March 2016): The original title for this post was “If Women Were in Control…”, but that does not accurately describe the point I intended to make. It’s not about either women or men being “in control”. I think control should be shared. It’s about equality and equal rights for women and men across

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