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March 2014
New LWP web design

New LWP Look! Same quality and trust, more info, more savings, more features…

0 comments | Posted By Life Without Plastic On March 19, 2014 Category: News

It’s a joyous thrill for us to launch our brand spanking new website!

Our new online neighbourhood is all about making it easier for you to find the information and products you need to live without plastic – while helping you educate yourself and take action on plastic pollution. There are also ways to save money, and even make money.

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It’s clear: BPA is unsafe, and the plastic industry does not want you to know it

0 comments | Posted By Life Without Plastic On March 10, 2014 Category: News, Plastic Affecting Health

3 March 2014 — We strongly urge you to read this new investigative report by Mother Jones investigative journalist Mariah Blake on bisphenol A (BPA) and how the plastic and chemical industries are doing all they can to cover up, hide and falsify any evidence of the dangers of BPA and other common – and potentially equally or more dangerous – BPA replacements such as Tritan

This is exactly why we do what we do – provide information and alternatives:  Because as this report shows in crystal clear, well-sourced fashion, unless you do your own in-depth research you are not getting the full story on plastics and their safety.

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