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Periods Without Plastic.

2 comments | Posted By Sarah Wylie On July 14, 2017 Category: Alternatives to Plastic, Get Informed, Uncategorized

Let’s break the period taboo and talk plastic-free menstrual products! This is an important topic to explore because these monthly visits from ‘Aunty Flo’ can have a large impact on our bodies and our environment. Did you know that companies who create these products aren’t required to disclose all of the ingredients in their products

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Stainless Steel Freezycup

Reusable Plastic-Free Popsicle Molds

0 comments | Posted By Chantal Plamondon On June 21, 2017 Category: Alternatives to Plastic, Get Informed

Every summer, we need to talk once again about the utter awesomeness of our Freezycup popsicle mold because, well, people forget or they didn’t know this product existed in the first place. Imagine a popsicle mold that is not made of plastic, but instead of premium stainless steel, so that when you warm it up

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