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Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

USD $4.00
Health warning! These are super amazing for your body. Your body will be screaming, “THANK YOU for feeding me this phenomenally nutritious, organic and non-GMO live food, and THANK YOU for acknowledging that I am what you eat.”  No...

Au Naturel Plastic-Free Lip Balm - Coconut

USD $6.95
We've tested our fair share of lip balms, and this one really stands apart from the rest. Au Naturel lip balms are handmade with only four simple and 100% natural ingredients. They moisturize really well and leave your lips feeling luxuriously pampered...

Hemp Nursing Pads

USD $12.50
Made of three layers of absorbent hemp fleece, Öko Creations nursing pads are very soft to the touch yet still durable. They offer unparalleled comfort and protection in the category of nursing pads without waterproof barriers. Format: 4-pack...
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PPC Canvas Tote Bag

USD $20.00
Your purchase of this durable canvas tote bag supports the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition to reduce plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. Made of heavy 10 oz brushed cotton canvas, this gusset tote bag with a red accent bottom will last for...
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DIY Kit - Borax, Baking Soda, Washing Soda, Soap Flakes

USD $24.00
USD $21.00
When it comes to cleaning products we love a little DIY. Making things at home allows us to make exactly the quantity we need and use safer and plastic-free ingredients. These DIY ingredients are also dry and condensed so there's no need to ship water!...

Hanging Toiletry bag - Hemp and Cotton

USD $40.00
USD $24.95
We are so excited to introduce to you our new line of Hemp products! Reusable bags are a staple in the plastic-free lifestyle. This one is not just any reusable bag - it it made out of hemp! Hemp is an incredibly sustainable material, as a...

Hemp Wallet

USD $25.00
USD $14.95
We are so excited to introduce to you our new line of Hemp products! Put your money where the hemp is! This wallet is made from hemp - a durable alternative to the many plastic wallets of today. This wallet features two card pockets, a zippered pocket,...

Multi-purpose Convertible Hemp Backpack

USD $105.00
USD $60.00
This multi-purpose convertible backpack is amazingly versatile. It is made of a 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend and is mostly plastic-free. It features a handle, and 5 different hooks at the back that allows for the strap to be installed as a...

Farmer's Market Kit

USD $30.00
What's more satisfying than a farmer's market Sunday?! Buying local and fresh produce is one of the first steps to becoming a conscious consumer.  Bring your own plastic-free bags and containers and truly live the circular zero waste lifestyle...

Hemp and Organic Cotton Pencil Case or Wallet

USD $35.00
USD $24.99
This versatile case can be either or both a pencil case and a wallet. It is made of a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. It features many inside pockets, including a see-through zipped one. The case closes with a zipper. Hemp and organic cotton...

Hemp and organic cotton Laptop Sleeve with handle

USD $45.00
USD $22.99
Padded laptop sleeve made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Available in three colors. Fits most standard laptops (check dimensions first). With a practical handle and pockets. Dimensions: 37 x 28 x 2 cm / 14.6" x 11" x 1" Made of 55% hemp and...