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Travel Safety Razor

USD $58.95
Being on the go doesn't have to come at the expense of a proper shave. This funky Travel Safety Razor ensures a smooth face wherever you are. It screws together easily and comes packed in a compact black travel case. Say goodbye to those annoying...
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SALE: Klean Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle - 9 oz / 266 ml

USD $20.95
USD $18.95
Kid Kanteen Baby Bottles are safe, healthy, and toxin-free. They promote natural-paced, relaxed feedings and proper digestion and development. The contoured, tapered shape is designed for small hands, and the wide mouth allows for easy cleaning, pouring,...

PPC Canvas Tote Bag

USD $20.00
Your purchase of this durable canvas tote bag supports the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition to reduce plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. Made of heavy 10 oz brushed cotton canvas, this gusset tote bag with a red accent bottom will last for...
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Obasan Organic Wool Moisture Pad Protector

USD $91.54
These Organic Wool Moisture Pad Protectors are made of 100% pure wool and protect your mattress all night long. The tightly felted organic wool fibers, secured by elastic straps on all four corners (except the crib size for safety reasons), create a...

Obasan Organic Wool Pillow

USD $130.00
You may have read in our book about the importance of a completely natural pillow for the 7 plus hours you spend every single day with your face against it. You're basically breathing into your pillow all night so that's why we deem it important to offer...

PPC 'Re-Think' T-Shirt

USD $20.00
Wear the ReThink T-shirt and tell the world that we need to rethink our use of plastic and treat it as a valuable material; not something for single-use and then disposal. Proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt support the important work of the...

Obasan Organic Wool Pillow for Toddlers

USD $76.16
A child can spend up to 14 hours sleeping per day. That is a lot of time breathing into a pillow. That is why you want to make sure that the pillow that supports her or his head it completely natural and not just a marketing greenwash. We are bringing...