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A Stainless Steel Flask Used as a Ice Pack

The Most Versatile Plastic-Free Ice Pack

2 comments | Posted By Chantal Plamondon On August 15, 2016 Category: Alternatives to Plastic, Get Informed

Have you ever wondered what your ice pack contains? Especially the ice packs that are made of soft gels and encapsulated in a plastic bag… even though the label may say that the contents are non-toxic, they are still probably not consumable.  Not only that, but pretty much all of them are made of plastics

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Embrace Plastic-Free July: The Power of Individual Action

The idea for a Plastic-Free July initiative was born in Perth, Western Australia back in 2011. In my experience, once you make a concerted effort to add or remove something from your life, you start to notice it everywhere. That’s exactly what happened to Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, the founder of the Plastic-Free July movement. She decided

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Beat the Microbead in your Life & Community

Many of you have probably heard about the issue of plastic microbead pollution – we’ve certainly been talking about it for a long time. But you may have wondered what you can do about it. Well, there’s actually lots you can do, both at the individual and community level, to go #beadfree. First just a

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