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Bodhi Surf’s Bahia Ballena Plastic-Free Initiative

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Guest post by Jazeen Hollings, Director of “The Bodhi Wave“ As I chatted with Travis Bays, Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s busy co-owner, I pictured him hunched over his wooden kitchen table in Bahia, Costa Rica, trusty stainless steel water bottle in hand. Through the telephone I could hear the excited laughs of his two-year old

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Periods Without Plastic.

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Let’s break the period taboo and talk plastic-free menstrual products! This is an important topic to explore because these monthly visits from ‘Aunty Flo’ can have a large impact on our bodies and our environment. Did you know that companies who create these products aren’t required to disclose all of the ingredients in their products

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Frozen Strawberries in Stainless Steel Container

How to Freeze Summer Fruits and Vegetables Without Plastic

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Who hasn’t noticed that strawberries purchased in the winter from a grocery store just don’t taste the same as the ones you collect directly from the plant in June? If you have a strawberry patch in your backyard or if you have access to an organic farm where you can pick them yourself, you probably

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