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Nourishing Meals

“Nourishing Meals” Without Plastic

Food. What you eat becomes you. Why not feed your body with nourishing meals? Nourishing for body, mind and soul. We’ve got just the cookbook for you… It’s an honour and deep pleasure for us to partner once again with popular food and health blogger Alissa Segerston and functional medicine expert Tom Malterre, the talented

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OneLessStraw toward One More Generation

1 comments | Posted By Life Without Plastic On September 1, 2016 Category: Change Plastic-Dependent Habits, Replace Harmful Products, Support Organizations Creating Change, Take Action

This is a guest post written by the folks at One More Generation (OMG), a highly effective non-profit organization founded by Olivia and Carter Reis in 2009, when they were 7- and 8- years-old, respectively. They are both passionate about animals and conservation and their intention is to preserve all species for at least One More

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A Stainless Steel Flask Used as a Ice Pack

The Most Versatile Plastic-Free Ice Pack

3 comments | Posted By Chantal Plamondon On August 15, 2016 Category: Alternatives to Plastic, Get Informed

Have you ever wondered what your ice pack contains? Especially the ice packs that are made of soft gels and encapsulated in a plastic bag… even though the label may say that the contents are non-toxic, they are still probably not consumable.  Not only that, but pretty much all of them are made of plastics

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