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Long Handled Safety Razor (Non-Adjustable)

You can really get a grip on your daily shave thanks to the extra length of the Long-Handle Double-Edge Safety Razor. This truly stylish chrome-plated instrument spans an additional 2 cm / 3/4" over the standard size to give the user with larger hands a...

Adjustable Safety Razor - 6 positions

It's beyond disturbing to think about how many disposable plastic razors are in the world's landfills, never ever to decompose. And then there are those plastic cartridges, which get popped off refillable plastic handles and are only an iota less...

Razor Strop

What's a strop, you ask? It's a necessity when you are using a straight razor. After the razor has been honed - or sharpened for maintenance - (note: you can purchase a honehere) the strop is used to straighten and polish the blade, and should be used...
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