Who Gives a Crap Review

It’s not every day that you put so much thought into the toilet paper you use. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it beyond complaining about the transition from 2-ply to 1-ply when I moved out of the comfort of my parents home and into my first university dorm.

But when you really think about it… we should be the most concerned with who we’re trusting to help us wipe. Sorry, weird word. But it’s hard to talk about toilet paper and not use words like wipe. It’s a safe space here, right?

Generic store-bought toilet paper uses inks, dyes, and scents. And of course… it’s heavily wrapped in plastic. A happy bum isn’t bombarded with foreign chemicals, inks, dyes or scents, and a happy and healthy planet requires a world with less plastic.

So here enters Who Gives a Crap. An Australian company that has changed the toilet paper game – no plastic, made of 100% recycled paper, no inks, no dyes, no scents.

We’ll run you through the experience of receiving our first box of Who Gives a Crap. (Haha. It’s still hard not to laugh when we say it out loud).

The service is delivered right to your door. We received a giant box of 48 rolls at the Life Without Plastic head office here in Canada. From the moment the box arrives, it’s an experience. We all like being told “You’ve Got A Nice Bum”, and WGAC didn’t waste any time winning us over.

Opening the box reminded us of Christmas in the morning as you’re instantly greeted by a rainbow of pretty paper, colours, and patterns.

I’m only just starting this product review and this is seriously the longest I have ever thought or talked about toilet paper. Toilet paper is that product that we don’t think about on a daily basis. We don’t think about what toxins may be present, we don’t think about the packaging, and we don’t think much about the quality. Who Gives a Crap does a remarkable job at adding a little extra cheer into a part of your life that has likely never received much attention before. Even our Team Mascot, a 4-month rescue chihuahua named Beans, couldn’t resist being a part of the action.

I brought the toilet paper home because our shared-office bathroom just didn’t do justice to the product. I proudly arranged the rolls in a pyramid on my toilet and admired my now Pinterest-worthy bathroom.

The packaging is so beautiful you want to keep it. Instinctively, I unwrapped the paper packaging and walked over to my recycling bin. As I admired the paper one last time, I noticed a gentle reminder of ‘Reuse Me Please’ with ideas to turn the paper into bookmarks, to decorate your bathroom, to use it as gift wrapping paper, etc.. They really have thought of everything. (Even an Emergency Roll – ugh, this company is oozing with cuteness).

As you unwrap your toilet paper like you would a gift (honestly, it’s so fun), you immediately notice the colour of the toilet paper itself. It’s almost grey. I compared the generic store bought toilet paper to the Who Gives a Crap paper as a comparison. It was so clear in that moment that generic toilet paper is laden with chemicals, dyes, and bleach that has become sooooo normalized for the consumer. I was taught as a child to never touch bleach or chemicals, but for some reason, it’s acceptable to use it to wipe down there? No thank you.

I loved seeing the lack of colour in the Who Gives a Crap version. Even though they reassure the user time and time again on the box and on the packaging – it was reassuring to know it’s far more natural than the generic version.

At Life Without Plastic, we’re all about making the earth-friendly choice the easy one. Who Gives a Crap exceeds our expectations in this department with their home delivery, their attractive product and the price of the product (it is actually cheaper than generic store-bought toilet paper).

Even better, 50% of their profits are donated to water-aid. On their website they state:

We’re determined to prove that toilet paper is about more than just wiping bums. We make all of our products with environmentally friendly materials, and we donate 50% of our profits to help build toilets for those in need. To date, we’ve donated over $1.2 million dollars to charity and saved a heck of a lot of trees, water, and energy. Not bad for a toilet paper company, eh?”

Who Gives a Crap, we love what you do. Thank you for entering our lives (and our bathrooms) and creating a product that significantly reduces household plastic consumption. You make it easy, fun, and practical. It’s those everyday products that we need to re-think if we want to curb plastic pollution and waste. We sincerely hope Who Gives a Crap continues to thrive (as we know it will) because they are changemakers in this war against plastic.

Thank you Who Gives a Crap! Don’t let anyone ever tell you they don’t ‘give a crap’ about your valiant efforts!