“Plan Ahead, Bring Your Own, and Be Prepared.”

In our opinion, one of the greatest joys of life is traveling – experiencing exotic foods, embracing new cultures and witnessing all the beautiful landscapes this world has to offer. Travelling does wonderful things for the soul and there is so much to gain from changing your surroundings, even if just for a short while.

Without sounding too cheesy here, we think it’s important to remember that while traveling, perhaps to a new country, we are all in this environmental movement together, and your actions abroad are just as important as your actions back home.

One of the best ways to show respect while traveling to a new place:  Protect that environment! We think the easiest way to be an environmental steward while traveling is by going plastic-free. Each city, each region, and each country is different when it comes to recycling and garbage, and a simple way to avoid the confusion when it comes to these services is to minimize your dependency upon them. So what are we saying here?  If you avoid plastic (or at least single-use plastic) while traveling, you never have to worry about where it would have ended up!

Every travel experience is unique, undoubtedly. But, there are some common themes: traveling to the destination (by air, by car, by train, etc.), eating (our favourite part), and personal hygiene. We hope to cover all the bases, but in case we miss something, our rule of thumb is:  “Plan ahead, bring your own and be prepared.”

En Route

If you can make it through the environmental nightmare that are airlines, airports, and road stops, you can make it through the rest of your plastic-free trip easy peasy. While en route, you’ll experience flight attendants offering you a new plastic cup for every new drink, plastic-straws, single-use utensils, and not to mention the plastic-wrapped snacks and meals. It seems as though the waste problem that is bombarding our oceans, is starting in the skies…


Here are our go-to products to make traveling plastic-free a little easier:

Glass Travel Jar Kit – 5 Piece

  • Pack your own personal care products in these five elegant, Earth-friendly, and plastic-free glass travel jars. All jars meet the 100 ml airplane ready requirement.

Available Here

Metal Travel Set- 5 Piece

  • This five pack of metal containers is an awesome Earth-friendly alternative to travel jars. Put your dry soap, powders, and more in these plastic-free jars that meet the 100 ml capacity requirement for airline security.

Metal Travel Kit

Available Here

Stainless Steel Folding Spork

  • Practicality in a pouch! In our opinion, the spork is a travel essential. Bring it with you anywhere you go – and you’ll never have to rely on single-use utensils!  Great to bring on a plane – no problems with security in our tests – or to your favourite take-out restaurant. And the companion certified organic cotton pouch makes it easy to stow cleanly when on the go.

Available Here


Personal Care

Personal hygiene, while you travel, is obviously a must, but there are ways to be mindful of it. Especially when you travel to new countries, water usage and waste should be kept to a minimum. Luckily, beauty and health don’t need to be compromised if you are prepared!

Here are our personal care and beauty suggestions, that we have tried, tested and loved.

Shampoo Bars

  • If you are traveling for a while and you need something that will last, shampoo and conditioning bars are the solution! Clean and condition your hair with this beautiful plastic-free and vegan shampoo bar.

Our favourite? This vegan butter bar conditioning shampoo? Sounds heavenly.

Available Here

Travel Safety Razor

  • If you’re looking for the best quality-price combination among the razors we sell, this is it. No need to travel with disposables when you have a durable product like this one. Like all our razors, not a speck of plastic, so all who use it can feel good knowing they’re not contributing to worldwide plastic pollution.

Available Here

Eating Out

Eating and experiencing new tastes is what traveling is all about! If you’re eating out at a restaurant, most likely the only plastic you will encounter will be the plastic straws…which we know can be avoided with an easy “no straw please!” If you are getting take-out or trying street food, the reusable water bottles and containers, and reusable utensils that we suggested for your en route travel are perfect for those occasions.


Here are a few re-usable straw options to get you through your travels:

Bamboo Straw – 12 Pack

  • Resorts especially are notorious for the vast number of straws used each and every day. If your well-deserved vacation cocktail requires a straw, our bamboo drinking straws will not only eliminate waste but also add to the experience. These bamboo drinking straws are a fun and eco-friendly alternative to plastic that can be used with any beverage. Happy Sippin’

Available Here

Stainless Steel Straw

  • The on-the-go straw. Especially suitable to throw in your bag or purse, to use a restaurant, with take-out, camping, whatever! This straw is strong, safe, and versatile. Comes with a metal and nylon cleaning brush and is stored in a plastic-free GOTS certified organic cotton sleeve. Swap disposables for this eco-friendly straw and reduce your plastic footprint.
    stainless steel straw kit with cleaner and case

Available Here


“Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.”

Traveling plastic-free can a beautiful adventure in itself.

Test your own boundaries and push yourself to be an eco-traveler. Enjoy walking on the beach, or climbing that mountain, we hope you enjoy the beauty of the world as you work to protect it.