“Dining with one’s friends and beloved family

is certainly one of life’s primal and most innocent delights,

one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal.”

– Julia Child

Being Earth-friendly when it’s just you is doable… throw a group of friends, family, or a whole dinner party into the mix, and things can sometimes get a little more challenging. When we think of group events, whether it be birthday parties, family BBQ’s, or potlucks, it’s easy to assume it’s going to be a plastic-vortex. Plastic plates, plastic cutlery, plastic straws, plastic cups – single-use anything – you name it, the world is buying it.

It’s a shame really, group events are about sharing food with friends, family and loved ones, and to be honest, the plastic party is kind of ruining the vibe. Secret family recipes, decadent birthday cake, and homemade dishes all served and eaten with … plastic? Your parties and your beloved recipes deserve more!

As hosts we want our guests to enjoy themselves, eat good food and have a memorable time. Is it possible to throw a fun, easy, seamless event without contributing to the 1 billion straws or the number of plastic water bottles dumped into the landfill each year? OF COURSE, IT IS.

This is where we come in. We’re here to debunk the myth that plastic disposables are the only realistic option for big parties. We’ve done the research so you can sit back, enjoy your party, have a slice of cake, and eat it too!

The Compostable Alternatives to Plastic Disposables

We get it, you don’t want to be stuck at the sink doing dishes when you’re hosting and trying to enjoy your own party. Thanks to eco-entrepreneurs and for increased demand for green products, sustainable, entirely home compostable disposables now exist! Products like disposable plates made from leaves, and cutlery made of sustainably sourced wood. The world is changing. By providing these alternatives to plastic, you might just inspire and educate some of your guests!

  1. Natural Biodegradable Large & Medium Leaf Plates
    • You’re dealing with large groups, or perhaps, you’re having an outdoor meal and doing dishes is out of the question. These plates are made out of leaves and leaves only. Safe, fun, and entirely eco-friendly. The plates are 100% home compostable so obviously also 100% biodegradable, and just 28 days after you enjoy your meal, the plate returns back to the Earth.
    • Available here at LifeWithoutPlastic.com.

  1. Wooden Cutlery
    • Like we said, sometimes disposables are the only option – hey you’re only human!
      But, disposables don’t have to mean single-use plastic. This wooden cutlery set includes a knife and a fork and is 100% plastic-free, home compostable and perfect for those birthday parties and big group events. Enjoy your meal knowing that these utensils are safe for you and sustainable for the environment.
    • Available here at LifeWithoutPlastic.com.

Wooden Disposable Utensils

Revisiting the Joys of Communal Eating

We love the idea of people coming together to celebrate food! Family, friends, neighbors coming by and preparing ingredients, enjoying the succulent smells of dishes as they cook, sitting down enjoying the meal together, and cleaning up as a group.  Today, it seems communal get-togethers are often comprised of everyone arriving separately, with pre-made or store-bought dishes covered in plastic cling-wrap, served on plastic plates, eaten with plastic forks, which are thrown out only moments later.

Food is best shared and the experiences are amplified when they aren’t rushed. Plastic single-use disposables have not only impacted our planet and our ecosystems, but it has impacted how we eat and how we spend time with our loved ones.

All of this to say… what’s wrong with doing dishes? It doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience, in fact, why not make it a group effort? Everyone contributes 5 minutes of dish duty and bam, just like that dishes are done with minimal effort from everybody. We all have that one friend or family member who hates cooking. Make a deal ahead of time that they’re off the hook for bringing a dish if they do dish duty. Fair trade no?

The Durable Alternatives to Plastic Disposables

Cover the Basics

What are your guests eating off of and what are they drinking out of? Bring out your dishes, you prettiest wine glasses, and silverware and you’re halfway there. These are items we can find some version of in our homes but if you’re running low, ask a friend if they can bring over some of theirs! If you’re nervous about glass, if you’re hosting a children’s birthday party or you’re going camping, stainless steel plates, bowls, cups, and mugs are safe and worry-free. Here are some durable stainless suggestions:

  1. Stemless Stainless Steel Wine Glass 
    • These wine glasses – minus the stem – are beautiful for serving red or white wine. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish exterior, mirror interior and 18 oz. capacity. Use them not only for wine, but juice and frozen drinks.
    • Available here at LifeWithoutPlastic.com.

  1. 3-Piece Stainless Steal Life Without Plastic Dish Set
    • Highest quality, solid and classy stainless steel dish – includes a double wall stainless steel bowl and mug and a plate large enough for an adult and small enough for a child. Unbreakable and versatile. Read our previous blog about stainless steel dishes.
    • Available here at LifeWithoutPlastic.com.

Stainless Steel Dish Set

Make a Statement With the Details

Some people love drinking out of straws. Why not impress them and offer a reusable straw that also doubles as a party favour. With so many options available, you can offer them bamboo, glass, or stainless steel. Take your pick!

And Dessert?

If you really want to ‘Wow’ your guests, show them how elegant plastic-free coffee makers can be.

Our favourite is the Chemex. Its sleek design made of glass is truly beautiful and it makes the smoothest drip coffee you will ever taste.

We think it’s so great that you’re taking steps to help the planet and consume less plastic. It’s people like you who set for example that truly change the world. Hosting a plastic-free dinner party sets a positive example for your friends and family that protecting the planet is not a sacrifice.

Like they say, a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Plastic-free dinner parties might just be the perfect (and most delicious) way to build a plastic-free world.

Thanks for reading and of course, Bon appétit!