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Storing Homemade Play Dough in an Airtight Stainless Steel Container

17 March 2013 — Last weekend, our son Jyoti and I made play dough. Jyoti is 9 years old so play dough is not as exciting as it was when he was little, but he had the idea of creating a time lapse video with it. So, he invented a story and took pictures of a little monster escaping the stainless steel airtight container in which we had stored the play dough. I put together the movie, and here is the result.  Feel free to pass it around.

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Speak Out for Nature & Democracy

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and the Canadian Federal Conservative Party are leading a horrific and devastating charge against nature and democracy. Although 60% of Canadians voted against them at the last election, they still managed to obtain a majority of seats and have now started a war on nature with bill C-38 (the name of the bill is a joke:Jobs, Growth and Long Term Prosperity Act).  This is a budget bill that contains numerous measures that attack long standing legislative protection of the environment.  From killing theKyoto protocol to repealing the National Round Table on Environment and Economy to reversing the protection of the Fisheries Act and closing the Polar and Atmospheric Research Laboratory. It also greatly reduces the length and scope of the environmental assesment process of any project with a potential impact on nature. The list goes on and on. 

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Walk the Talk with Beth: Kick the Habit and LIVE Plastic Free

19 June 2012 — Beth Terry writes the pre-eminent blog in this world on living without plastic: My Plastic-free Life. She meticulously tracks her monthly plastic consumption down to the last plastic envelope window, and blogs passionately about it. That alone is reason enough for us to love her and consider her one of our heros, but there is more. Why do we love Beth?  She’s funny, straightforward, unafraid to tell it like it is, a superb researcher and writer, an idea factory, super well-organized and systematic, action-oriented, great at making fun of herself to make a point, and, as you can tell by now…she walks her talk. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know her in person a few years ago, and at the time I blogged about the blast we had together at the Green Festival in San Francisco.

Now, everyone can walk Beth’s talk and change their lives and the world at the same time by living with less plastic. Her book, Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, was just launched worldwide a few days ago, and it is well worth checking out. You can purchase ithere.

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Freezycup, The Individual Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold

When we started in 2005 and went live with our first website in 2006, we had posted on our wish list of products that we were working on a “plastic-free popsicle mold“. It took us a long time to finally come up with an ice pop mold without plastic because we kept looking for a supplier outside of China. After many disappointing attempts, we finally decided to have it made in China as long as we had assurances from the supplier that working conditions for workers were ethical and that the product would pass the CPSIA tests with flying colours. We were impressed with the manfacturer and their willingness to work with us to make this product as healthy and versatile as possible out of high quality components.

We are pleased to introduce the FreezycupTM, a plastic-free, BPA-free, freezer lollipop mold that is more than just a mold for popsicles. It can also be used as a drinking cup and your child can rest his popsicle in it when (s)he needs to do something else. We like to ensure our products have more than one life, so when your children are done with popsicles, the cups can be used as fun party glasses. 

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Plastic-Free Water Filtration with Water’s Best Friend Binchōtan Charcoal

2 November 2012 — We think water is as alive as us. We all need water to stay alive and thrive. So when the water we put into our bodies is unhealthy because it is polluted with toxins like chlorine and lead, it defeats the purpose of hydration:  to promote life.

We often get asked about simple plastic-free water filtration systems. As far as we can tell, there are not a lot out there.  Most water filtration systems use plastic casing for the filters and/or the storage vessel, or are large and expensive.  So we’ve always been on the lookout for something small, simple and inexpensive to rival the Britas®‘ of the world. We think we may have found a wonderful option.


Waste Land of Wonder — the elevated art of recycling

We live in an eclectic village of community activists. The spirit of postive change is in the fresh air and in the Gatineau River water that flow through town. One example of that magic is the Wakefield International Film Festival (WIFF), the ‘little festival that thought big’, as local media have come to call it in lauding the world class quality of its programming and execution. WIFF is led by two passionate champions of documentaries and independent filmmaking, Brenda and Robert Rooney, who run the Festival with help of the dynamic and hilarious local troupe, Theatre Wakefield. It is a festival that inspires change.

We are deeply honoured to be sponsoring the showing at WIFF on Sunday, February 13, 2011 of ‘Waste Land’ – an utterly mesmerizing film about the depths and heights of life and humanity on this Earth in the presence of something we all know, though perhaps not well enough: garbage. Renowned Brazilian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Vik Muniz takes us on a journey to the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro and the world’s largest landfill, Jardim Gramacho. He finds there a thriving community of charismatic ‘catadores’ or pickers of recyclable materials – not garbage, recyclable materials. Remember that, it’s important.


Dog Food Without Plastic

About two years ago, one of our employees who always brought her dog to work had a great idea. She decided to start bringing her dog’s food in one of our 2-tier 14 cm (5.5″) tiffins. In one of the compartments, she would put some ‘yummy’ dog food and would keep the other empty so she could fill it up with water when she came to work. It worked great! Animals are just as likely as humans to be contaminated by toxins leaching from plastic. So stainless steel is a great alternative to plastic, especially because animals won’t be able to chew on it, and because it can be completely sterilized in the dishwasher, which is not the case with plastic.

We offer one, two and three layers tiffins. With the 3-tier tiffin (as shown on the photo) you could have a layer with food, another one with biscuits and the last one would be reserved for water. These tiffins are made in Thailand of high quality 18-8 stainless steel. You can see them all here.


The Little Bald Eaglet that Got Caught in Plastic Fishing Line

I have always admired the majesty of bald eagles. So when I discovered the Hancock Wildlife Foundation and its live webcams installed near bald eagle nests, I was thrilled. I opened a small window on my computer screen and I could admire the eaglets progressively transforming into magnificent birds. I must admit that the life of a baby bald eagle is pretty boring at times, but the parts when a parent comes back to the nest with some food for the eaglets is quite fascinating.

Two weeks ago, however, disaster struck and it was all because of discarded plastic… One of the three eaglets of the Victoria/Sydney nest got caught in some fishing line that must have been used to build the nest. The poor thing was not able to move and therefore could not meet its parents to get fed when they would bring food to the nest. Many of the thousands of people watching got really upset and started raising money to fund a rescue operation. Fortunately, within days of the incident, a crane was commissioned and Mr. Hancock, the operator of the webcams, was able to free the poor eaglet from the fishing line. As of today, it is still alive and seems to be doing quite well. Go take a look.


Freezing the Season’s Harvest in Safe, Non-Toxic, Plastic-Free Stainless Steel Containers

August 2011 — We have some great products available to those looking for a safe and plastic-free way to store the bounty from the garden.

There is our 4 litre / 1 gallon rectangular stainless steel airtight container which can accommodate a large batch of frozen tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and so on. We love this container. We use it a lot to bring large batches of food to a potluck or family dinner. We also use it to conserve our bread as it sits nicely on our countertop and it has the perfect shape. Available for $62.95.

Now, we also have a set of 4 large stainless steel airtight food containers. Four convenient sizes are included: 18 cm / 7 1/16″ diameter 1.75 L / 59 oz. capacity; 20 cm / 7 7/8″ diameter, 2 L / 68 oz. capacity; 23 cm / 9″ diameter 4 L / 135 oz. capacity; 26 cm / 10 1/4″ diameter, 6 L / 203 oz. capacity. The four containers nest into one another completely (with the lids on) thus optimizing storage space. Available for $99.95 (for all four).

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Some Titanium Dioxide with your Milk?

For those of you who didn’t know that many “unknown” chemicals are added to plastic used in food packaging, you had better read this news from Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI): PTI is announcing the use of a new technology (oPTITM) to manufacture plastic bottles for storing light sensitive dairy products such as milk and drinkable yogurts. This technology allows the company to use fewer additives in the manufacturing process “which can limit package recycling”. The company’s Vice-President states in the press release that “[d]airy applications (…) are sensitive to UV rays which decrease shelf life. To solve the problem, additives such as titanium dioxide [TiO2] are frequently added to high density polyethylene or traditional PET containers to achieve shelf-life objectives. In addition to impacting the recycling stream, these additives are expensive (…).” The company also indicates that it can use many different colors to its bottles using this technology, but that “these cannot be recycled as part of the clear PET stream.”