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Dilutable Laundry Bar - Up to 125 Loads

USD $10.95
Why ship water? Most laundry detergents are liquid so they require a disposable plastic jug and are larger and heavier to ship meaning a higher carbon footprint.  We are rethinking all of this and heading towards concentrated solids to avoid...

Aluminum Soap Box

USD $11.95
Continue your plastic-free routine, even when travelling or on-the-go! This little aluminum soap box is ideal for bringing a bar of soap with you, wherever you go.  The box snaps open and closed. It is very lightweight, and although not completely...

Organic Cotton Plastic-Free Snack Flip Bag - Small

USD $10.00
Who needs those non-recyclable plastic food baggies when there are awesome natural alternatives like this organic cotton flip bag? These plastic-free organic cotton snack bags are truly multi-use bags... great for packing lunches, taking snacks on the...