Set of 8 LWP Adult Plastic-Free Toothbrushes and 3 Spools of Natural Floss in a Refillable Jar

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This plastic-free dental care set includes eight adult bamboo toothbrushes, a refillable dental floss container and 4 spools of natural dental silk!  

Seeing as the plastic toothbrush market is HUGE and a large majority of plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills or the oceans, we looked hard to find a plastic-free wooden toothbrush you that could toss in your compost or campfire. We found the perfect toothbrush! It is made of Miso bamboo and has natural bristles made of pig hair. The bristles may seem firm the first time you use the brush, but they soften quickly when moistened. So you can actually adjust the bristle hardness to your preference based on the moisture level. If you want them really soft, just soak the brush in warm water for a minute before brushing.

It is a good idea to let the toothbrush dry thoroughly between teeth cleaning sessions. Also a good idea to rinse it with very hot water periodically to deep clean it. 

You might think "yuk, boar hair!", but the boar hair is thoroughly disinfected. And it is sustainably sourced... The boar hair comes from China, which is currently the only place in the world from where these long-haired bristles can be sourced. The bristles come from a domesticated race of long-haired pig that is bred and raised for meat. When the animals are harvested for the meat, the hairs are normally discarded because the meat industry has no use for them. Here the bristles are being used for a positive purpose, rather than simply being thrown out as waste.

The natural dental silk is a must-have for your eco-friendly oral hygiene routine.  It is made from 100% natural mulberry silk, with a light peppermint taste, and is coated in beeswax to ease and enhance your flossing experience. It is an Earth-friendly alternative as this floss is biodegradable and the glass container can actually be refilled with extra spools of floss that come in compostable packaging! Each spool contains 30 metres of floss. 

Pro tip: This floss can be more delicate than plastic floss so we recommend slightly adjusting your finger placement as you floss so that the tension on the floss is spread across various points. If the same hand placement is used the whole way through, the floss may wear thin and break.

Please note that orders of toothbrushes ship separately from anything else you might order (though at no extra shipping charge - you are charged only one shipping charge for your full order). 

Additional Information:


     Each Toothbrush: 18 x 1 cm / 7" x 0.4"

     Bristle Length: 1 cm / 0.4"

     Natural Dental Floss: 3 x 4cm / 1.18" x 1.57" 

Materials: The toothbrushes are made of Miso bamboo and disinfected boar hair bristles. The floss is made from natural mulberry silk and is coated in beeswax and peppermint essential oil.

Care Instructions: Allow toothbrush to dry thoroughly between teeth cleaning sessions. Rinse periodically with very hot water to deep clean. Should last about 1-3 months with regular use.

Country of Manufacture: China

Health and Environment: BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free. Compostable.


- The toothbrush comes in a recyclable cardboard box.

- The floss in a glass jar comes in a recyclable cardboard box.

- The floss refills come in a recyclable cardboard box and are wrapped in waxed paper.


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Superball 2020 Jul 5th

I cannot say enough good things about these products and this company.

I've gotten my first order and am BLOWN AWAY by how good it all is. These toothbrushes are what I've been searching for. I hesitated to buy so many at once, but I'll use them. The bristles are stiffer than I'm used to, but it gives me more attention to truly CARING for my teeth and gums as I care for them, including how the bristles feel and how grateful I am to the people who made them and the pigs whose hair would have gone to waste otherwise. As it turns out, my teeth feel cleaner than they have in months--and NO PLASTIC WHATSOEVER. Some "zero waste" places sneak in plastic in the labels or plastic tape on the packaging, as if the plastic-free idea is an afterthought or a marketing gimmick. But Life without Plastic is legit: there is no trace of plastic anywhere whatsoever. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your dedication.

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Additional Info

0.37 KGS

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