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SALE: Plastic-Free Wooden Vegetable Brush

USD $11.95
USD $10.75
We love this little fruit brush that enables you to scrub your fruits and veggies squeaky clean. Especially great for non-organic fruits and vegetables that need a good scrub to remove any yucky pesticide residues. The hard bristles make this brush...

SALE - Patch Plastic-Free Bandages - 25 Natural Strips

USD $8.95
USD $8.05
Yes! Finally an alternative to plastic bandages with their icky synthetic adhesive. These elegant ones by Patch are 100% made of sustainably sourced bamboo fiber, meaning they are completely compostable! Pop them in your compost or some soil and watch...

SALE: Wooden Pocket Comb

USD $19.95
USD $17.85
Here's another plastic-free product that looks fantastic as it helps its owner look fantastic. But as distinctive as this fine Wooden Comb is, it presents a conundrum: you'll never want to part with it, yet you'll always want to part with it. Ok, enough...
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