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Most reusable mugs have big plastic lids - not this one. We collaborated with our supplier to design and bring to life a glass mug with a fully glass lid. so you don't have to drink your warm drink through plastic.

This elegant but durable coffee mug is made from strong high quality glass. It is double-wall insulated to maintain the temperature of your drinks and fits comfortably in car cupholders.

The words "Life Without Plastic" are inscribed at the bottom of the mug so you can see it while you drink and feel good about your lifestyle choice!

With an opening on the lid large enough for a straw, you can simply drink your coffee or sip your smoothie. There is no cap to that drinking hole so be sure to keep your beverage upright, just like the disposable cups you get at the coffee shop.

There is a small piece of black silicone between the lid and the bottle to keep the bottle closed tight so no leaking happens at the junction and also to protect the glass pieces.   


Additional Information:


     Height: 20.8cm / 8.19"

     Diameter: 7.5 cm / 2.95"

     Capacity: 375 ml / 13 oz

Materials: Glass

Care Instructions: Hand wash and do not use in microwave.

Country of Manufacture: China

Warranty: One Year

Health and Environment: BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free


Reviews (12)

Jessica 2021 Feb 8th

Searched Far & Wide for This Mug!

This might be the only mug in existence to be complete plastic-free! My significant other swears he can taste any plastic in mugs, so he has been using mason jars with lids for his morning coffee en route to work. As you can imagine, not only do mason jars get hot, but the wide mouth opening is so large it often leads to accidental spills! I gifted this to my S.O. and he loves it. I just wish the mug came in a larger size! We tried to add coffee through the drinking hole after the lid was secured to fill it a bit more, but found that filling it past the black rubber stopper just caused it to leak....' Regardless, it took me weeks to find a travel mug that had ZERO plastic and I'm glad we found this!!!! Highly recommend this product and hope they'll make a larger version in the future :)

Kaitlyn 2020 Sep 11th

Easy and Hardy

This travel mug is absolutely the best purchase I have made in a while. I like my coffee hot, and I like it to stay hot through the morning. With a plastic thermos, coffee stays hot for a long time, but avoiding plastic has been my goal, so I purchased this glass one. While it may not keep my coffee as hot for as long of time, it keeps it hot throughout my 30 minute commute to work and for an hour at work. I absolutely LOVE the design, as it is elegant and seems hardy enough not to break at all. I haven't worried about it even cracking. It is so easy to fill and clean up compared to ALL other travel mugs I've used and it doesn't seem to leak. The drinking hole is very comfortable and doesn't drip as well.

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Additional Info

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