Plastic-Free Redecker Wooden Toothbrushes - Pack of 8 Adults

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The plastic toothbrush market is HUGE and a large majority of plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills or the oceans. Even many bamboo toothbrushes have nylon bristles that are not Earth-friendly. Seeing as toothbrushes need to be replaced three or four times a year, all that plastic really accumulates over a lifetime so of course we have an alternative!  This set of 8 adult toothbrushes are made with all natural and renewable materials that are safe for you and the environment.

It is made of sustainably harvested wood, in this case beechwood. Its handle is preserved with linseed oil. Its bristles are all natural as they are made of boar hair that have been thoroughly disinfected. This hair is a byproduct of the meat industry in China. Rather than discarding the hairs, this supplier cleans and uses them to build brushes.  You might think "yuk, pig hair!", but worry not, the pig hair is completely cleaned before being used to make the brushes. This means there is no need to cut off the head as this toothbrush is 100% compostable as it does not have nylon bristles.

The bristles may seem hard the first time you use the brush, but you will find that they soften quickly when moistened. So you can actually adjust the bristle hardness to your preference based on the moisture level. If you want them really soft, just soak the brush in warm water for a minute before brushing.

 Please note that it is completely normal to find some bristles that fall out from time to time.

 **Please note, this newest batch of toothbrushes does not have a logo on the handle as it appeared previously. It is the same toothbrush as you have previously received!

Additional Information:


     Each Toothbrush: 18 x 1 cm / 7" x 0.4"

     Bristle Length: 1 cm / 0.4"

Materials: Sustainably harvested beechwood handle and disinfected boar hair bristles. 

Care Instructions: Allow toothbrush to dry thoroughly between teeth cleaning sessions. Rinse periodically with very hot water to deep clean. Should last about 1-3 months with regular use.

Country of Manufacture: Germany.

Health and Environment: BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free. Compostable.

Packaging: Compostable wrap over bristles and recyclable twist tie.

Please note that orders of toothbrushes ship separately from anything else you might order (though at no extra shipping charge - you are charged only one shipping charge for your full order).


Reviews (6)

Julien 2022 Jan 31st

Review and comments

I really love the idea of compostable toothbrushes. It just makes sense. The "bamboo" toothbrushes you find around with nylon bristles are just greenwashing to me ― not good enough. I now have gone through the pack of 10 i bought a while ago. Some comments : - i love the look and feel; the wood is beautiful. BUT : it seems like a waste of good wood to use so much of it for only 3 months use. Why not make a great handle out of it, and allow the replacement of only the head? Would make the price tag lower, too. - the head is quite large and makes it hard to reach the "exterior" of the furthest molars. - I find that the way you let the toothbrush dry matters as to how much the head will swell with humidity, which can be early in its cycle and quite a lot, making the fall of bristles more probable. I place it horizontally, brush facing downward over the edge of... something edgy. Helps a bit. Overall great toothbrush! I will now try the compostable bamboo-handle you're now offering here. Made in China, though, vs Germany for these. But bamboo makes more sense for a "disposable" wood product.

Gail Rose 2021 Oct 25th

Large head

I bought these because they’re bamboo, which outweighed (for me) the fact that the straight cut bristles aren’t optimal teeth-cleaning shape compared to my electric toothbrush. What i didn’t realize until after using the brush is that the bamboo part on the head of these is quite big, making it hard to maneuver around the molars. I’m concerned I’m not doing as thorough a brushing job with these vs my electric.

Additional Info

Additional Info

0.05 KGS

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