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Double Wall Reusable Glass Travel Mug - 375 ml / 13 oz

USD $20.00
Most reusable mugs have big plastic lids - not this one. We collaborated with our supplier to design and bring to life a glass mug with a fully glass lid. so you don't have to drink your warm drink through plastic. This elegant but durable coffee mug is...

Wood Bottle and Dish Brush With Natural Bristles

USD $9.00
This plastic-free wooden brush is plain, beautiful, and rustic-chic. With a handle made from beechwood and bristles made from coconut fibers, the entire brush is fully compostable.  Unlike this natural, compostable, elegant brush, plastic...

Plastic-Free Mint Tooth Tabs - 80 Tablets

USD $14.95
Finding a toothpaste that is natural, plastic-free, effective and suitable for all kinds of traveling isn't easy but you know us...when we're faced with a plastic-free challenge, we rise to it! These tooth tabs are an innovative take on plastic-free...