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These Organic Wool Moisture Pad Protectors are made of 100% pure wool and protect your mattress all night long. The tightly felted organic wool fibers, secured by elastic straps on all four corners (except the crib size for safety reasons), create a natural water repellent that will work on any mattress.

This natural protector cover is a safe and Earth-friendly alternative to covers made from synthetic materials. You can sleep well knowing this mattress protector will not emit any VOCs or contain any toxic flame retardants that you otherwise might be breathing in at night. As our co-founders say " When you spend a significant part of your day sleeping and in close contact with a surface, it makes sense to ensure it does not slowly make you sick' ~ Life Without Plastic:The Practical Step-by Step guide to Avoiding Plastic to Keep Your Family and the Planet Healthy.

This is a natural moisture barrier that can also be used to protect a dining table, an upholstered sofa or couch.

Obasan offers these mattress protectors in 7 sizes to find one that fits your bed perfectly.

This product will be drop-shipped meaning it will arrive separately from any other items on your order.

Please be aware that this product is shipped to you by our partner Obasan who wraps it in a plastic bag in order to protect it during transportation against damage from moisture, rain, or mishandling. It may be recyclable in municipalities that accept plastic bags. Our partner Obasan is actively looking for a plastic-free solution and is open to suggestions if you have one. 


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Crib: 71.12cm x 132.08cm / 28" x 52" *This size does not have elastic bands for safety reasons

Twin: 99.06cm x 190.5cm / 39" x 75"

Twin XL: 99.06cm x 203.2cm / 39" x 80"

Double: 137.16cm x 190.5cm / 54" x 75"

Queen: 152.4cm x 203.2cm / 60" x 80"

King: 193.4cm  x 203.2cm / 76" x 80"

King cal.: 182.88cm x 213.36cm  / 72" x 84"

Material: 100% pure wool

Care instructions: To freshen your moisture pad protector, air it out, as needed, outside. Hand wash in cold tap water or machine wash on gentle cycle in tap cold water and hang to dry indoors. Do not put your moisture pad in the dryer. Obasan is not responsible for any shrinkage.

Country of manufacture: Canada

Health and environment: This products is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and dust-resistant, GOTS certified organic wool.

Packaging: Our partner, Obasan, vacuum seal the moisture pads into small bags to protect them during transportation against damage from moisture, rain or mishandling. These will be packaged into the smallest cardboard box they will fit in, in order to reduce the amount of waste we produce.




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Additional Info

3.00 KGS

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