Kraft Gummed Paper Tape - 5.08 cm / 2"

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Do away with plastic tape that is not recyclable and is toxic when burnt. Plus, it increases the cost of recycling your packaging materials because it must be separated from the cardboard during sorting. Paper tape is made of paper so it is completely natural, 100% recyclable and compostable. 

This 60lb paper water activated tape or gummed paper tape has a natural latex glue adhesive on a natural kraft paper backing which becomes sticky when moistened. It works well when you cut the piece to the desired length and then apply water with a sponge or a wet rag. 

Here are some of the advantages of this plastic-free paper tape:

  • It creates an integral closure because the water-activated adhesives in paper tape penetrate right into the liner of the carton, creating a total bond. The tape thus becomes part of the carton and adds strength to it.
  • Because of the strength of gummed paper tape much less tape needs to be used, compared with plastic film tapes.
  • It won't lose its properties under extreme weather such as high heat, sunshine, humidity and cold.
  • This tape will last for years, keeping boxes closed and safe.


Additional Information:

Materials: The paper tape is up to 25% post consumer recycled content and has a maize starch-based adhesive.


- Width: 5.08 cm / 2"

  • Core: 3.175 cm / 1 1/4"
  • Roll Diameter: 18 cm / 7 1/8"

- Length: 182 Meters / 600 Feet

Care Instructions: Lightly wet the adhesive side of the kraft gum paper tape. Apply tape and pat it to ensure it has connected.

Country of Manufacture: United States

Health and Environment: Recyclable and compostable.


Reviews (7)

BJ 2021 Nov 25th

Great Tape!

Love my all natural tape made from Mother Nature! Perfect!

Mike 2021 Feb 16th

So far, so good. Much better than twine

I bought this tape to bundle up cardboard boxes for curbside recycling. The wide, strong adhesive tape works great. I got tired of using twine, which was hard to get tied tightly and would sometimes break. This tape is exactly what I wanted.

Additional Info

Additional Info

0.90 KGS

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