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Mini Bamboo Spork

USD $3.50
This versatile mini bamboo reusable spork fits in your pocket, purse or in your child's lunch bag. One side features a spoon while the other side offers a fork to eat. Great for traveling or to bring to your favourite take-out restaurant. Every time you...
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Plastic Free Baby Bottle Brush

USD $10.95
Baby bottles are hard to clean if you do not have the right brush - and this struggle is amplified exponentially in the middle of an endless night of little sleep. Yet, it is extremely important to clean them well. Milk tends to stick to the walls of...

Plastic-Free Dust Pan for Children

USD $11.95
Make your child's gift a useful and lasting one. Your child can help you out with this dust pan and thus acquire life-long cleaning habits. This child's dust pan is made of powder-coated metal. It is durable, completely non-plastic, and can be passed on...

Hemp Nursing Pads

USD $12.50
Made of three layers of absorbent hemp fleece, Öko Creations nursing pads are very soft to the touch yet still durable. They offer unparalleled comfort and protection in the category of nursing pads without waterproof barriers. Format:...
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