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Plastic-Free Metal Pencil Sharpener in Tin

USD $4.95
This sharpener is made from zinc alloy and comes in a handy aluminium tin. We designed it this way so that one could sharpen their pencil and store the pencil shavings in the container if there isn't a bin nearby. The lid also screws on so it won't pop...

Fountain Pen Piston Converter - new

USD $9.95
This fountain pen piston converter turns a cartridge pen into a plunger fountain pen. This converter allows you to use bottled ink with most fountain pens. Save thousands of disposable plastic pens by refilling your fountain pen yourself.This is how to...

SALE - Plastic-Free Recycled Binder 5.08 cm / 2"

USD $11.95
USD $10.75
Binders are often made from plastic or synthetic materials but they really don't need to be. These cardboard binders are an easy switch and do the job without compromising on quality. They are definitely a school and office essential for a plastic-free...