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Lavender Dryer Bag

USD $7.95
Ahhhh, the scent of lavender. It clears the mind and warms the soul. This lavender-filled dryer bag is a natural alternative to those chemically aromatic dryer sheets for eliminating static cling. You can also use it as a sachet - throw it in a clothes...
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Handmade Non-Plastic Natural Rubber Lint Removal Brush

USD $29.95
You love your pets as much as anyone else, but their ubiquitous hair is another story. The solution is this natural, plastic-free, Lint Brush, featuring natural rubber bristles that are magically magnetic. They take on a magnetic charge when rubbed...

PPC 'Re-Think' T-Shirt

USD $20.00
Wear the ReThink T-shirt and tell the world that we need to rethink our use of plastic and treat it as a valuable material; not something for single-use and then disposal. Proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt support the important work of the...