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Aluminum Soap Box

USD $11.95
Continue your plastic-free routine, even when travelling or on-the-go! This little aluminum soap box is ideal for bringing a bar of soap with you, wherever you go.  The box snaps open and closed. It is very lightweight, and although not completely...
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Plastic-Free Wooden Toilet Brush - Stiff Bristles

USD $13.95
A non-plastic toilet brush was one of the first products we looked for when we began Life Without Plastic. A toilet brush is an easily disposable item that is not usually recyclable and ends up in landfills, waterways or the oceans. We finally found...

Handmade Non-Plastic Natural Rubber Lint Removal Brush

USD $29.95
You love your pets as much as anyone else, but their ubiquitous hair is another story. The solution is this natural, plastic-free, Lint Brush, featuring natural rubber bristles that are magically magnetic. They take on a magnetic charge when rubbed...

Plastic-Free Dish Washing Brush - Soft Bristles

USD $9.95
This entirely natural dish washing brush, is made of soft, dark, sanitized horsehair bristles mounted on an untreated sustainably harvested beechwood handle. The brush head is replaceable and can be thrown into the compost at the end of its life...

Plastic-Free Car Snow Removal Brush

USD $24.95
Plastic car snow brushes often last only one season as they break easily because the plastic is brittle and less resistant when cooled below the freezing point. Here is a durable, stylish, natural and compostable snow brush that will last a very long...

Mini Traveling Shaving Brush

USD $5.95
This miniature brush is smaller than your thumb, but it is great for traveling. Because of its super soft goat bristles, it almost feels like the sheer comfort of your favorite cashmere sweater every time you shave. The brush pairs super-soft goat hair...