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Stainless steel container - 8 cm / 3.14"

USD $16.00
This line of versatile, round, airtight and watertight, high quality food storage containers is one of our absolute favorite product offerings - we use them just about every single day for lunches, leftovers, snacks and eating on the go. This practical...

Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

USD $4.00
Health warning! These are super amazing for your body. Your body will be screaming, “THANK YOU for feeding me this phenomenally nutritious, organic and non-GMO live food, and THANK YOU for acknowledging that I am what you eat.”  No...

PPC Pint Cup - Stainless Steel

USD $10.00
The purchase of these handy go-with-you-anywhere steel pint cups supports the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition to reduce plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. This 18-8 food grade 304 stainless steel red cup with the PPC logo is an excellent...