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Cotton and Linen Face Mask

USD $10.00
Single use face masks are often composed of synthetic plastic-based materials and are used once and thrown away. We wanted to find a safe, reusable solution and are now offering this reusable linen cotton blend mask that can be washed and used over and...

SALE: Wooden Pocket Comb

USD $19.95
USD $17.85
Here's another plastic-free product that looks fantastic as it helps its owner look fantastic. But as distinctive as this fine Wooden Comb is, it presents a conundrum: you'll never want to part with it, yet you'll always want to part with it. Ok, enough...
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Plastic-Free Natural Body Lotion Bar

USD $8.95
Originally 9.95 USD, now 8.95 USD. No need for plastic pump bottles when there are safer alternatives like these beautiful solid lotion bars. Each bar is handmade in the USA with 4 simple and natural ingredients designed to nourish and hydrate dry skin...