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Natural Toothpaste in a Glass Jar - Spearmint

USD $11.95
Toothpaste does not have to be dispensed in disposable plastic tubes. How about in a reusable glass jar that can be reused and eventually recycled at the end of its life. This toothpaste offers spearmint freshness and is made of all natural ingredients...

Wood Bottle and Dish Brush With Natural Bristles

USD $9.00
This plastic-free wooden brush is plain, beautiful, and rustic-chic. With a handle made from beechwood and bristles made from coconut fibers, the entire brush is fully compostable.  Unlike this natural, compostable, elegant brush, plastic...

Plastic-Free Mint Tooth Tabs - 80 Tablets

USD $14.95
Finding a toothpaste that is natural, plastic-free, effective and suitable for all kinds of traveling isn't easy but you know us...when we're faced with a plastic-free challenge, we rise to it! These tooth tabs are an innovative take on plastic-free...