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Plastic-Free Dish Washing Brush - Soft Bristles

This entirely natural dish washing brush, is made of soft, dark, sanitized horsehair bristles mounted on an untreated sustainably harvested beechwood handle. The brush head is replaceable and can be thrown into the compost at the end of its life...

Hemp Shower Curtain - Seafoam Blue

This attractive, full-sized shower curtain is a seafoam blue colour, which means it might spark images of tropical delight as you soap up and scrub in the shower. It works solo, without need of a liner, and dries in a few hours. When it's time for its...

Plastic-Free Car Snow Removal Brush

Plastic car snow brushes often last only one season as they break easily because the plastic is brittle and less resistant when cooled below the freezing point. Here is a durable, stylish, natural and compostable snow brush that will last a very long...