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Lavender Dryer Bag

Ahhhh, the scent of lavender. It clears the mind and warms the soul. This lavender-filled dryer bag is a natural alternative to those chemically aromatic dryer sheets for eliminating static cling. You can also use it as a sachet - throw it in a clothes...
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Handmade Non-Plastic Natural Rubber Lint Removal Brush

You love your pets as much as anyone else, but their ubiquitous hair is another story. The solution is this natural, plastic-free, Lint Brush, featuring natural rubber åÒbristlesåÓ that are magically magnetic. They take on a magnetic charge when rubbed...

PPC Necklace - Signature Glass - Amber with Black Cord

Your purchase of this one-of-a-kind Signature Amber Glass Necklace supports the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition to reduce plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. These enchanted necklaces are hand crafted from used bottles that have been tossed...